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Beards and Personality – All you need to know from the best barbershop in Dubai!

Beards can change a man’s personality to a great extent. A man with a full grown beard looks more matured and strong to others than a man with a fully trimmed beard. A fully trimmed beard guy may look more organised and clean to others than a man with a full grown beard and so on. Smart Hairways understands the psychological view behind how different beards can appeal to others and help you choose the perfect beard style for you!

What is Smart Hairways?

Smart Hairways is a luxury gents salon in Dubai that can help a man with all his grooming needs starting from a normal haircut to a relaxing hot oil massage and a much-needed pedicure. Be it beard shaving, beard colouring, hairstyling, face scrub, hand scrub, leg scrub, Smart Hairways has it all! Our hairdressers have worked with the top executives and royals from all over the UAE and will help you find your perfect style within a few minutes of you stepping into Smart Hairways.

Smart Hairways is the best barbershop in Dubai and we are more focused on customer satisfaction than the number of customers. Hence, we answer some of the most asked questions related to beard growth and beard grooming in this article. Please continue reading and your questions will be answered!

What shall I do if my beard is not growing?

Do you want that dream beard style of yours but your beard just doesn’t see to grow? Well, don’t worry, it’s a very common problem especially in teenagers and Smart Hairways has the perfect solution for you! We have curated some remedies which are COMPLETELY natural and can help you attain that dream beard style of yours by boosting your beard growth.

#1. Wash your face regularly

If your face is oily or you travel a lot, a good face wash is a must for you! Dust can stick on your face when you travel and block your skin follicles hence blocking your beard hair growth. Even the oil or the sebum produced by your skin can block your skin follicles and hinder beard growth. So, make sure you wash your face twice daily with a mild cleanser to remove all the dirt and oil from your face and let your beard hair grow! Book an appointment in Smart Hairways today and we will give you the perfect face wash and face scrub at an affordable rate that will help your beard grow fast!

#2. Use Beard Oil

As cliché as this sounds, beard oils are the most effective way of boosting your beard growth and getting a soft and silky beard. Make sure to check the ingredients of the oil before applying and avoid oils with excessive chemicals. Use oils that have jojoba or amla in them to boost beard growth!

#3. Trim Regularly

You might think that if your beard growth is low then how is trimming going to help you? When you trim your beard, you remove the dirt stuck in your already grown beard and allow room for fresh beard hair to grow. This not only improves your beard health but also helps in growing a fuller beard.

Now that you have started following all of the above steps, you shall have a fuller growing beard soon! Smart Hairways also has services to style your beard and make you look more attractive than ever when you get a fuller beard and want to make a masterpiece out of it!

What are the different beard services Smart Hairways has to offer?

One of the best gents salon in Dubai, Smart Hairways has all kinds of beard services to make you look hot and attractive and be the party-stopper at all events you attend! Our hairdressers will make sure your beard gets the professional treatment it deserves and requires. Here are some of the different services we offer for you to look better –

#1. Beard Trimming

As simple as this sounds, beard trimming is a much complicated task to do. Smart Hairways has a fully-fledged article based on what kind of beard style you should get based on your facial structure. Do check the article out if you want the perfect beard for your face! We offer professional beard trimming with exclusive and tried-and-tested techniques so that you walk of our salon satisfied and happy.

#2. Beard Colouring

Beard colouring is a trend all over the world nowadays. We use professional techniques and tools to colour your beard without damaging your beard health and increasing the lifetime of the finish! From colouring just the tip of the beard to a fountain coloured beard, Smart Hairways can help you attain all your beard needs!

How can I reach Smart Hairways?

Do you want to try out the best gents salon in Dubai for yourself? Well, don’t worry, we are on Google! Just search for barbershops near me in Dubai on Google and you will get redirected to the most luxury salon out there. Don’t wait! Search now! You are invited to the best gents salon in Dubai that can get you professional haircuts and beard styles at the most affordable prices!

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