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Hair Health and Hairstyles – Know everything with Smart Hairways

Did you just step out of your favourite salon with your favourite haircut and are all excited to impress people and gather admirations from everyone? Well, that’s great! But, have you considered how long that new hairstyle of yours is going to last? If yes, then Smart Hairways is a luxury gents salon in Dubai that has stored all the answers for you.

How long your hairstyle is going to last depends on how you take care of your hair health. Yes, you heard it right! Hair health is equally important for men as it is for women. Unfortunately, most men are chilled out regarding their hair health and don’t pay much attention to it without realizing that it’s going to cause problems like hair fall in the near future.

What is hair health?

Hair Health means the condition or the quality of your hair. To keep your hair shining and silky and to maintain that fresh new fancy hairstyle of yours for a long period of time, no wax or gel is going to do the job better than keeping your hair health in check! Smart Hairways have the best-in-class hairdressers that will give you the best tips on how to keep your hair quality top notch and will also make sure that your hair appears smooth, shiny and silky!

Why is hair health important?

Smart Hairways has analysed the hair industry for more than 10 years before opening a luxury barbershop of its very own. One of the most ignored topics among men has been their hair health but unfortunately that is one of the topics that need to be paid the most attention to.

Your hair health is important for a number of reasons. Smart Hairways has prepared a list of some of the most important reasons for you:

  • Makes your hair look shinier and silkier
  • Smooth feeling upon touching your hair
  • Maintains your hairstyle for a longer period of time
  • Reduces the rate of hair fall
  • Reduces the rate of hair thinning

Our barbershop does not only give you a haircut, it gives you an experience that you are never going to forget! We have a hearty conversation with each of our customers and we give them expert tips on how to keep their hair health in check at NO EXTRA COST! Because, for Smart Hairways and its professional hairdressers, customer satisfaction is valued more than money.

How can I keep my hair healthy?

Since you have made it so far, Smart Hairways understands that you are serious about your hair grooming and has curated some of the best and simplest methods for you to keep your hair healthy.

No over washing your hair

This is a common mistake most men make in their hair grooming routine. They ignore following a proper schedule for washing their hair and just wash it randomly as many times they want. If you are one of them, then you need to stop doing it right now as it has severe effects on your hair! It washes your hair off the important nutrients it desires and makes your hair messy and rough. Wash your hair 2 times a week and you are good to go!

Egg Conditioners

Egg conditioners are like the magic genie in the world of hair grooming and healthy hair! Eggs contain all the important nutrients like sulphur that our hair needs to appear smooth and silky and if you use an egg conditioner then you are guaranteed to have better-looking hair and longer lasting hairstyle in just 2 weeks!

Cold Showers

As simple as this sounds, cold showers work like a miracle for keeping your hair healthy! This is because they keep your blood and body temperature in check which regulates the blood flow in your blood capillaries. Because of a smoother flow, your hair gets more nutrients from the red blood cells and starts shining!

Use Natural Products

One of the most common mistakes that men make is using artificial products for their hair. While they do make our hair look better for 1-2 days but they damage our hair internally. There are no better products than the ones coming from nature itself to keep your hair healthy! Use curd to wash your hair or egg yolk to condition your hair and you will be surprised with the results!

Staying Healthy

One of the most important and beneficial things to do to keep your hair healthy is staying fit and eating healthy. Avoid junk or oily food and maintain a sleep schedule. Ensure that you get atleast 6 hours of sleep! It will not only keep your hair healthy but your overall health will improve too and your hair as well your face and body will start shining!

Can Smart Hairways help me in keeping my hair healthy?

Smart Hairways can help you in all aspects relating to your hair! May it be hairstyling to beard colouring or tips on how to keep your hair healthy, we have it all! We are the best gents salon in Dubai that also offer services like keratin to boost your hair growth and make your hair strong right from its roots! We also have treatments like hot oil massage, that involves massing your head with high-nutrition oils that restores the nutritional value of your hair and makes it shine like never before!

Trust Smart Hairways once and you will never look back! Just search for hairdressers near me in Dubai and get redirected to the best gents salon out there.

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