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Smart Hairways – Best Hairstyles and Hairdressers

Why choose us?

Smart Hairways is a luxury barbershop in Dubai that has professional hairdressers who have an experience of 10 plus years in the hair industry and know just what is perfect for your hair! We have a thorough discussion with every customer stepping into or shop before they sit on our barber chair and we understand the exact needs of our customers! We not only style your hair but also make sure that your hair health is in check!

Why are hairstyles important?

There’s a hairstyle for every occasion. Be it a casual event, an important corporate meeting, a romantic date or a very special day of your life. Every event is marked by its own unique theme and your hairstyle plays a major role in it. People notice your hairstyle and assume if you are going for a modern, classic or funky approach. Especially in a hustling and bustling city like Dubai, where life throws so many parties at you that it becomes just hard to handle with a casual hairstyle!

Every celebrity starting from Chris Hemsworth to Zayn Malik have a unique hairstyle for each event and their hairstyles are in talks for months even after the events! Our hairstylists will do just that for you. We will style your hair in such a unique manner that one look at your hair and people will know you are an organised person who has a taste for luxury.

Where can I get the perfect hairstyle?

Smart Hairways is the best gents salon in Dubai that makes sure you get the perfect hairstyle for you. Just state the type of event you are going into and sit back and relax! Our hairdressers will make you ready to rock the party within an hour! Located amidst JLT, Smart Hairways is one of the best rated barbershops on Google. Just search for barbershops near me on Google and you will be redirected to our shop where the best hairdressers are excited to give you a fresh new luxurious look!

What kind of hairstyle should I get?

If you are wondering about what kind of hairstyle you should get or are confused between two or more styles then Smart Hairways is just the perfect barbershop for you! Our hairdressers will analyse your hair type, your facial structure and your body width and suggest you the most suitable, stylish and comfortable hairstyle.

If you are going to a very important event but don’t know what hairstyle to go for, Smart Hairways has got your back! Just tell us what kind of event you are going to and sit back and relax on our barber chair. For important meeting or formal parties you should go for a slightly brushed hair with low to no fade on the sides. For casual parties and night outings you can opt for a blowout hairstyle that will have you every kind of style ranging from low, medium and high fade to short and long tops.

What kind of hairstyle does Smart Hairways offer?

Smart Hairways can get you any kind of hairstyle that is present in the market! We are one of the best barbershops in Dubai and there are no limits to the kind of haircuts and beauty services you can get here! From Brazilian Blowouts to customised trimming, Smart Hairways has it all. Not only that, you can even get a customised hairstyle of your very own! Just sit back and let us analyse your requirements and you will be surprised with the kind of transformation you will get! Here are some of the most trending hairstyles that are in most demand by our customers:

  • Mid Drop Fade
  • -Low Bald Fade
  • High Bald Fade
  • Undercut with Beard
  • Man Bun with Beard
  • Low Tapered Cut
  • Short Sides with faded beard

What other services does Smart Hairways offer?

Smart Hairways is a multi-purpose luxury barbershop that not only offers the best haircuts out there but every beautician in our shop is an expert in all kinds of beauty services out there! Some of the other services that we offer are:-

  • Keratin
  • Hair Bonding
  • Facial
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Threading
  • Waxing
  • Beard Colour

Just step into our barbershop in Dubai and tell us what you need and you will have it. From haircuts to hairstyles, beard trimming to beard colouring, hand scrubs and foot scrubs, you can enjoy each of our services at affordable rates in a luxury ambience! Search for barbershops near me on Google and get redirected to Smart Hairways, best gents salon in Dubai!

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