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Treat Yourself to a Manicure with Smart Hairways

Treating yourself to a manicure is always fun, especially at the best beauty salon in Dubai. Either going by yourself or having a girls night out, a manicure is always key to completing any look. But when deciding what kind of nail shape is better suited for you is always difficult. Should you try something new? Try almond? Square? Which will be less maintenance? Here are some tips to tell which nail shape is for you!

Which nail shapes make your fingers look better?

Many women are concerned about their nails looking a little wide or their fingers looking fatter. First, don’t criticize yourself too harshly! All fingers are beautiful. But if you are very concerned about the appearance of your fingers and nails: Avoid square and short. For a more elegant look always go for a long stiletto or almond shape. If you have a shorter finger then you must go with a more pointed style to elongate the fingers.

How to properly take care of your nails

After having your nail done and snatched you must take care of them afterwards by cleaning and hydrating your nails. A great way to prevent your nails from weakening after a couple of months of wear is to purchase a nail oil. This will reinforce your nail bed and make it so much easier to have your nails stay healthy! Of course never forget to clean under those nails! Wouldn’t want anything dirty under there. Also, never forget to refill your acrylic after 3-4 weeks to keep them refined and sharp. Acrylics will stay good for 1-2 months if you maintain them properly.

Types of Nail Shapes


The most simple type of nail shape for those who don’t feel like being too extravagant. The nail slightly extends past your nail bed and maintains your natural nail shape. Round shape is best for those who are older and would prefer a more natural look. This specific type of nail style is perfect for beginners who are looking to start off slow.


If you are looking for a low maintenance type of nail shape other than round, ask for a square shape. You don’t need much to achieve it and it is great for people who have shorter nails. They’re flat on the top, straight with sharp corners. They don’t taper out or flare. Great for those who have narrow nail beds.


Almond nails are filed down along the sides. The nail tip is rounded to create a smooth peak, similar to an actual almond. Natural nails are too weak to pull off the structure, so most almond manicures are made using acrylic or gel.


Stiletto nails are over the top! Not for the faint of heart. The shape is similar to almond but the tips are filed to create a sharp point and have a wider base. This nail shape is for those who want to stand out and create all kinds of drama. Stiletto is a common nails shape that many young women/ teenagers use to be fierce. Anyone can pull these off. Pairing the right nail polish and design will give you the best looking nails. Recommend for those who have had experience with long acrylic nails since they can be impractical to those who are not accustomed to sharp long nails.


Ballerina nail or also known as Coffin shaped nails are the most popular among celebrities. These nails are shaped like stiletto but with a square end instead of a pointy end. The shape’s name is based on the appearance of the nail looking like a coffin. This shape will give you the most elegant look. If you have natural long and thick nails you can always shape them and paint over them with a gel. These nails match any and every finger there is.

How to reach Smart Hairways?

It is very easy to reach us! We are available on Google Maps. Just search for barber shops near me in Dubai on Google and you will be redirected to the best luxury gent’s salon in Dubai within no time! Schedule an appointment through WhatsApp or Facebook. We will wait for you soon! We love seeing new faces and informing our customers what is best for them.

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